5 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

I'm sure you've heard the rumors. Lifting weights makes women big and bulky. Lifting weights keeps women from being lean and toned. It's too dangerous. Lifting can make you look like a dude. Well here's the truth. All of those rumors are complete garbage and they keep too many women from hitting the weight floor to experience the many benefits of weight training. 

It turns out that the fitness goals you have might not be reached by hitting the boutique yoga studio, or stepping sideways up the stair master. In my opinion, weight training is the most effective method to use in order to achieve almost any goal. 

So ladies, drop those mats and hop off the treadmill. It's time to prioritize those weights!


Do you remember the first time you tried something? I'd be willing to bet that you were nervous. Take flying for example. Were you nervous as soon as the plane took off? Or perhaps the first time you felt turbulence? It's the same with lifting weights. I completely understand the feeling of being intimidated and nervous for the first few times. But after a few weeks, I felt like a pro. And guess what. It's not because I'm a guy. It's because I put fear aside, and realized that everyone there had been in the same shoes at some point in their life. You don't need to be a guy to know what you're doing in the gym. You just need some experience under your belt and it all starts with one lift!

Once you've been at it for a while, people will start complimenting you constantly outside of the gym. Do you know what they WON'T ask you? "Oh my gosh you look great! Do you do yoga?" "Wow, I can't believe your transformation! Did you step sideways up a stair master?" Instead, all they'll ask is "You look amazing! What do you do to look like that?" and all you'll say is "Oh why thank you, I lift." Boom. You lift. Because you're strong, lean, and sexy. Not because you do hot yoga on the weekend.


Doing cardio for 30 minutes per day is nice. It's good to get some physical activity and burn some extra calories. Do you know what's even better? Burning fat on a consistent basis while you're working out AND resting. How do you do that? By building lean muscle tissue. The more muscle tissue you build, the more fat you can burn while you train, rest, and sleep. Who could say no to that?!


Positively changing your shape can effect the way you fit into your clothes as well as highlight all the right curves. You know that toned shape you've always been yearning for? The one that apparently only comes from lifting light weights? Well it comes from a well constructed weight program that highlights strength training and muscle building. Yoga and cardio alone can't do that as well as weight training can. Cardio and yoga are great, but are only best for your goals when incorporated within a weight program.  


Feelings of being sluggish often come from a sedentary lifestyle. A study done by the National Institute of Health concluded that resistance training showed increases in energy expenditure, fat oxidation, as well as metabolism during rest and sleep (Kirk et al.). Instead of mo' money mo' problems, you'll be saying mo' muscle no fat.


We've all heard that exercise is a great way to manage stress. So what makes resistance training so great for stress relief? On a fact-based level, people who lift on a regular basis have been shown to handle situations more positively than those who don't (Stone, Sands, and S.). On a Poehlmann Fitness based level, I am a firm believer in the correlation between weights and attitude. It isn't proven through research and studies that I've come across, but I've found in myself and others that lifting weights and sticking to a routine allows us to attack life with more of a tenacious attitude. Whether it's earning a promotion, or finishing a book, I believe resistance training can improve our determination to succeed outside of the gym.


Ladies, lifting weights does NOT make you bulky. You don't have enough testosterone in your system to react to weight training the same way guys do. But, you have the best balance of hormones in your body that can allow you to be fit, lean, sexy, and healthy while sticking to a program that fits your goals.

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