5 Lessons on Fat Loss

Fat loss is one heck of a topic. It's been a major desire of many people, but it seems that only a few can make it last. So, what does it take to lose fat AND keep it off? Find out in today's 5 fat loss lessons.

Lesson #1: This Stuff Takes Time

If you want to do it the right way (setting yourself up to keep the fat off after you lose it), you better have your eyes on the long-term. Losing a few pounds of fat is easy at the beginning, but if you want to have each step of the entire process work properly for your body, you gotta enjoy the journey and understand that it's going to take time. Can you lose a ton of fat right away by cutting out a ton of calories and adding a ton of activity to your week? Sure, of course you can. However, it'll be much easier to put body fat on once you go back to your more enjoyable lifestyle. If you'd rather slowly lose fat, and make sure it stays off, it's a long process. Have your mind set on at least 6 months of consistent work.

Lesson #2: Know What You're Eating

If you want the best results, knowing what and how much you're putting into your body is essential. Cutting calories right of the bat only works for the first few weeks. Our bodies DO adapt and they WILL hit a plateau after they have become used to something. In order to continue making progress week after week, you must know what to adjust and how to adjust it. Tracking your food intake and tracking your workouts is a great start to understanding how your body is changing based on what it's being given. Think about saving money and building wealth. The first thing you'd most likely do in that situation is track your spending and see where your money is going, and then create a budget to optimize the way your money works for you. Tracking your food is the same. Sure, it can be a pain at first, but I believe it's a great starting point for everyone, and will most certainly help you know exactly what you need to change to reach your goal.

Lesson #3: Lift Some Freaking Weights

As mentioned above, our bodies do quite well when it comes to adapting to the environment we place it in. Ever wondered why hours of cardio doesn't work too well? Yup, because your body adapts. Time spent doing tons of cardio will teach your body to slow it's metabolism down, which will make fat loss harder and harder, especially in the context of modern life. Don't look to the treadmill when you want to lose fat. Look to the weight floor. Whether your goal is to build muscle or burn body fat, weight training must be a staple in your routine. Greater strength gains will lead to greater muscle growth. Greater muscle growth will lead to a faster metabolism that will help you lose more fat for years and years to come. If you want a solution to your fat loss problems that will promise a faster metabolism as well as a better functioning body, look no further. Weight training is the answer. Perform resistance training at least 3-4 days per week and watch your body change.

Lesson #4: Stop Eating Out So Much

People complain that eating organic and healthy is too expensive. Sure, of course it's more expensive. You're putting better food into your body, and better food is going to cost more money. But, I bet you anything that you spend more money eating out than you ever will eating organic and healthy. Try it out for size. Track your spending on eating out for a month, and see how far that money can go to fill your fridge and pantry with healthy alternatives. Additionally, eating out will make your life more difficult. It's harder to know what is actually in the food you're eating, and it's difficult to measure unless you bring a scale with you and pick each individual ingredient out and weigh it. No one wants to do that. Also, you're more likely to say "f*ck it" after you eat out and have no clue how much you ate, which can lead you down a path of 2,000 extra calories in one night. Pick healthy, simple options if you go out to eat. Other than that, use 80% of your eating out money to go toward healthy alternatives for the casa.

Lesson #5: Monitor Your Progress

Referring to Lesson #1, long term sustainable fat loss takes time. It's a lifestyle change. If you have your eyes set on the big goal that will take years and you train yourself to believe it'll come in the next month, you'll want to quit in no time. Set milestones and take note of each and every single win you have along the way. Take your big goal and break it up into monthly, maybe even weekly goals. Crush one little goal at a time, and pat yourself on the back. Before you know it, you'll be at your long term goal. Maybe even sooner that you expected. :)


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Adam is a fitness professional, baseball fan, and cookie fanatic based in Fort Collins, Colorado. After hanging up the cleats, he found a strong interest in the human body and how it performs. Since then, Adam has been transforming lives through fitness in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. As an ACE CPT and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, he is constantly moved to help people improve in all walks of life. If you’re interested in hiring Adam as your coach, fill out an application here.