"I've been a dedicated 'mom runner' and activity enthusiast for many years (25 to be exact). Most of my family and friends consider me 'fit' so why Poehlmann Fitness?

Over the past few years, although my favorite exercise regimen hasn't changed, I wasn't seeing the same positive results. I began searching the internet to try and solve my problem, but I just didn't know when to start. As I began scrolling through my Facebook feed, I continually saw posts from Adam that seemed to address many of my questions and concerns. After trying to make changes on my own, I realized I needed to invest in an expert.

I had expectations about the return I would receive from my investment, but what I received far exceeded anything I had imagined. From a detailed, personalized training program to an individualized nutrition assessment and plan, I was completely impressed. Adam was always on top of what I was doing and how I was progressing. Easy smart phone accessibility meant my trainer was right at my fingertips. Adam was continually fine tuning my program and making adjustments as needed.

My 3-months under Adam's care and guidance yielded a greater understanding of the nutrition my body craves. Who knew protein was so important? I also gained a new found confidence in the gym! From free weights to interval training, I was doing so much more than I ever dreamed. I was amazed that I was able to see greater results in a shorter amount of time because Adam's plan was specific to my needs. 

Many people reach the end of a period of training feeling like they have come to the end of a road. I completed my training with enthusiasm and a brand new set of goals!"