Joe and his family crushing their hike in CO. 

Joe and his family crushing their hike in CO. 

Regarding Online Coaching

"Online coaching provides complete flexibility regarding your schedule. No longer do I need to schedule time to work with a trainer at a gym, etc. With my work travel schedule, this flexibility was another key factor to my success so far."

Regarding coach-to-client relationship:

"The coach-to-client relationship with Adam is an important key to my success in nutritional and fitness training. With the online nature of this type of coaching, it is critically important for me as the client to speak up and get answers to any nutritional and training questions that I am having. Adam has instituted a weekly check-in process with each of his clients and I have used this forum to get my nutrition and training questions resolved quickly so that I can make progress." 

Regarding nutrition, body-awareness, and functionality:

"My knowledge of nutrition has changed dramatically since I began working with Adam. Prior to working with Adam, I followed a low-carb Atkin’s diet for approximately 10 years and I would reduce carb intake in order to lose weight.  As the years passed, I found this diet to be less and less effective and my ability to stick to this diet less and less effective as well. The re-introduction of carbs into my diet and the use of macronutrients to guide my nutritional choices has completely changed both what I eat and my relationship with food for the better! It is great to have the freedom with food choices again as long as I stay within the macro range nothing is 'off-limits'."

"The combination of changing my nutritional focus from low-carb to macro based and my fitness focus from an aerobic base to weight-training and aerobics has completely changed my view of body function. The key is I no longer get tired before the end of the day due to energy crashes from lack of nutrition or muscle. I still have development work to do but have gained a great new perspective on how all of this fits together for total body function based on the results so far."

Hey Joe! Would you recommend Poehlmann Fitness to a friend?

"I would recommend online coaching to a friend for all of the factors and reasons stated above. Most importantly though, the bottom line is results.  Since beginning to work with Adam, I’ve completely changed the way I eat and exercise, and the results have been outstanding, all created from a program and technology that fits my lifestyle and schedule."