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"Having a fitness coach is so much more valuable than having a personal trainer. The trainer sees you maybe 3 times a week for a total of a few hours and that’s it. With Adam’s program, he’s essentially available throughout the entire week and is able to see how you’re doing every day..."

"I started working with Adam about five months ago. I have worked out for years and love fitness but was starting to feel bored and felt like I hadn't made any physical progress in years. Working with Adam was one of the best decisions..."

Online Coaching
Online Coaching
Online Coaching

"I’ve been training with Adam since the beginning of March, this year, and already have the pleasure of getting amazing results! In mid February, I went to Anschutz Wellness Center for a DEXA scan..."


"I've been a dedicated 'mom runner' and activity enthusiast for many years (25 to be exact). Most of my family and friends consider me 'fit' so why Poehlmann Fitness?..."


"Online coaching provides complete flexibility regarding your schedule. No longer do I..."


"The app Adam uses is something I have been looking for. I get three key items all in one..."


"I first worked with Adam at a local gym and was immediately impressed by his knowledge and passion for fitness. I've worked with various trainers throughout the years, but Adam's training and motivation style really stood out to me..."


"Prior to training with Adam, I had very limited knowledge of exercise and diet. After explaining my goals and desires, Adam created and exercise program that was specific to my goals and most importantly, that I was able to complete..."


"Adam has been my personal fitness trainer since March of 2015 and has been instrumental in coaching and motivating me to achieve results beyond my expectations. At the outset of our training, Adam took the time to understand my fitness goals and develop a program in support of those goals..."