This Fat Loss Tip Just Might Save You

This one will be a quickie...

As more and more people have been directed to me, whether it's for online coaching or a simple question, their inquiries are usually centered around fat loss. I approach all of these answers the same with a simple go-getter attitude. I ask them what their diet looks like now, what they need to change, and I do it all while avoiding excessive sugar coating. You either want the results, or you don't. It's that simple.

But as we all know, the human body is very complex. Thus, I need solid science and research to support the claims that I make sometimes. My periodic "bro-science" approach can't be used all of the time. Having said this, there are most definitely pieces of advice that I give that can be backed up by science. DON'T GET AHEAD OF ME. I'm not claiming to say that my coaching is purely based from lab-testing standpoint. Eventually practicality comes into play and I like to think my brand meets at the crossroads of nerd-science and bro-science. 

So, when I'm questioned for fat loss tips and the individual is crushing their macronutrient consumption, here's what I say to them: Begin thinking about your meals differently, by combining your macronutrients accordingly. Your meals should be based around protein, carbs, and fats like I've always said, but now your meals will be focused on combinations.

The combinations I'm speaking of are P&C meals (protein and carb) as well as P&F meals (protein and fat). Why, though? Well getting into the science of it all, there is evidence that shows combining carbs and fat in meals can lead to more fat storage from the insulin release. Insulin is a fat storage hormone. So avoiding the combination of fats and carbs has been shown to yield a small increase in fat loss results. But there are many gurus out there who claim that this isn't really true, because fat does not need insulin to store fat. Fat can store fat all by itself.  So why would I ask you to combine your foods like this? Here's where practicality comes into play.

Changing your meals to adhere to a more focused approach can completely change the way you think about your food. You'll be forced to actually stop and THINK about what you're eating before you eat it. Not only will this approach cause you to pay more attention, but it can also help improve your health for the rest of your life. Paying close attention will cause you to memorize more about food. What foods are a good carb source, fat source, and so on. You'll learn which meats are fatty and which are lean. This will enable you to take charge of your cooking and eating for a lifetime. You now control your food. Food no longer controls you. 

To sum it all up, change your approach. Eat meals with P&C combinations, or P&F combinations. This will help you keep your body from storing extra fat, as well as give you the ability to take control of your nutrition. 

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